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postrock addicts
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Are you greatly influenced by the genre that nobody can acurately describe so they call it postrock? I certainly am, so I decided to start this community as a supplement the previous post-rock community. This forum caters to a lot of the subgenres of indie rock that sometimes border on postrock, but is often hard to tell. Some of the bands I speak of are often characterized as shoegazer, slowcore, mathrock, idm, electronica, and ambient, etc. I'll throw the postrock blanket over them and provide this commununity as a place to discuss any of the aforementioned bands, or new ones for that matter. The fact is I'm hooked on this particular genre and would like to expose it to new listeners, as well as to expose smaller and unfamiliar bands.

If you're hooked on halifax pier, addicted to aarktica, obsessed with ova looven or compelled by codeine; this is certainly the right place for you.

(Image of Dianogah is courtesy of Sebastian Stirling)

this community is run by booksontrains

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